Care for Your PTAC Unit and It Will Keep You Cool (or Warm)

Preventative maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal performance of any appliance, including an ice aire ac unit. With routine maintenance, including inspections and cleanings, you will not only ensure that your PTAC unit will keep you cool – or warm – but you will also extend the life of the unit.

So, what’s involved in maintaining an islandaire PTAC unit? Here are some guidelines that, if followed, will keep the unit in running great so that it will provide you with the best performance possible. Elevate your indoor air quality with National Chimney’s exceptional air duct cleaning services on Long Island. Our dedicated team employs cutting-edge techniques to ensure a thorough and effective cleaning, providing you with a healthier and cleaner living space.

Keep It Clean

A PTAC unit must be kept clean in order to keep it running properly. Because they are exposed to the outdoors, these units are exposed to dirt and debris that could impact how it functions if they are not cleaned. If its no longer working and cleaning doesn’t help, reach out to dumpster rental Long Island to dispose of it.

Experts recommend having a PTAC unit professionally cleaned once a year; however, the type of environment it is used in could necessitate more cleanings. For example, if it used near the beach or if there is a lot of traffic from motor vehicles where the unit is used, experts suggest having it cleaned at least twice a year. When you need reliable HVAC service in Charlotte County, look no further than Vince Tiscio. With years of experience, Vince Tiscio is your trusted HVAC expert, providing prompt and efficient air conditioning, and heating repairs to keep your home comfortable.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Just like your car, routine maintenance is vital to ensure a PTAC unit continues operating properly and to extend its lifespan, otherwise you’d need PTAC replacement nyc. Routine maintenance inspections and care should include the following:

  • A thorough washing of the condenser coils with a low-pressure washer and a gentle cleanser
  • A through washing of the indoor coil, also with a low-pressure washer and a gentle cleanser
  • A thorough washing of the base pan, which should include removing all dirt and debris from the drain valve. All of the components should be completely dry before the unit is reassembled.
  • Filter cleaning or replacement. Once a month, the indoor vents and air filters should be cleaned (which you can do yourself.) During routine maintenance by a professional, the filters should be inspected and cleaned or replaced, as needed.
  • The front cabinet, blower wheel and heater assembly should be cleaned. Mild cleansers and water should only be used to clean these components and will prevent any dirt particles from entering into the air system. Additionally, cleaning will improve the appearance of the unit.
  • Inspect the knobs or buttons that are used to operate the unit. They should be in place and operable. If they are missing or not working properly, they should be replaced.
  • The fan motor may need to be oiled, especially on older units, otherwise you’d need nyc ptac replacement.
  • Check the power cord and the receptacle and make sure that all electrical connects are operating properly and safe.
  • The wall sleeve should be inspected to ensure that it is properly installed. If it isn’t level, any water that collects on the outside of the unit could end up pouring into the room. Additionally, you should check the seal around the sleeve to ensure that it is secure. If it isn’t, water or air from the outside could enter the room or damage the unit.
  • The front grille should also be inspected. Dust, dirt and debris that collect on it could impact the proper operation of the unit. roof repair hamilton county can fix up your roof for half the price! Additionally, it could impact the appearance of the PTAC.
  • Both the cooling and heating modes should be checked to ensure that they are operating properly. Though it goes without saying, it is worth mentioning that if they are not working properly, the PTAC unit will not do its intended job of cooling and heating. Check out Chimney Sweep Bronx County if you need a high quality sweep for your chimney

Follow these routine maintenance tips and you can ensure that your PTAC unit will keep you cool – and warm – and that it will last the projected lifespan, or perhaps even longer. For any questions regarding PTAC replacement, care, to schedule maintenance, or to find out more about the purchase and installation of a new unit, give us a call today!